01 Nick Carter - Just One Kiss_artwork_1

Ok let me preface this by saying that I was fully prepared to slag this off before I watched the video.  And to my complete surprise, Nick Carter just killed me dead with his ever-so-lovely new track and video for "Just One Kiss".  

I've never been much of a Backstreet Boys fan (unfortunately I cannot say the same about New Kids On The Block – I adore them) so I think that watching a video like this by a now grown-up Nick Carter really took me by surprise.  

Yeah, it's a bit Richard Marx and a bit "lets do a Top 40 radio song" and all, but I like it.  With everyone in pop music trying to be bigger, weirder and "I'm more over-the-top than YOU" these days, it's just nice to see Nick Carter being normal and taking "a long walk on the beach".

On this track alone, I will pick up Nick Carter's new album "I'm Taking Off" when it drops on Tuesday.