Well what do we have here?  I wasn't expecting this right now, but it's the new video to "Judas" by her royal highness – Lady Gaga.

I mean really, what can we say here?  It's beautiful modern pop art set to an aggressive pop anthem and well, what's not to love?  It's fucking Gaga.  

There is really want only one thing I want to know about this music video though…How on Earth did Stephen Dorff manage to make himself look cool enough to convince Gaga to be one of the male leads in the video?  Out of all the famous men in the world…Gaga chooses Stephen Dorff???  Weird.  Truly I find this casting bizarre…

My only criticism here…not enough butt crack Gaga, c'mon, if you're gonna have bikers, we need butt crack!

What I'm waiting for now is for Gaga to do her most dramatic image overhaul and career defining re-invention.  Kinda like what Madonna did when she she made her "Live To Tell" video and went all blonde ambition…whatever could Gaga think of next…