Tracey Thorn

Mandy Rogers

not unlike Tracey Thorn to sneak out a festive warbling this time of year and
this year is no exception, except she’s seen to it and brought out a full album
of wintry sing song “Tinsel And Lights”.

the above festive selection here’s Tracey singing the Holiday season in, in
reflective and nostalgic mood, lending her superb husky whispery-ness to a
quaint Christmassy tune “Joy”.

hard not to be swept up in the timeless beauty of this, being that it is such a
magical melting Xmasy moment or two.

Tracey invites you to join in the countdown to the big day with her, as she’s
fixed up a little advent daily treat, it may not have a choccie lurking behind
every door but nonetheless brings an eclectic mix of festive surprises.

Tinsel and Lights - Tracey Thorn