Frankie Presley 

By Mandy Rogers

As one of the first recipients to be officially Hot Fussed by Poptronik, d’gorgeous ex-WOW boyband member gone solo, Frankie Presley stood out to us not only on a scale of cuteness, but sincerely because we felt the talent was oozing out there also.

Yep, Frankie sure “Rock(ed) My World” in a good way and he’s doing it over again on new single and video “I Could Never” it’s every way good pop with an inspiraional nod in on of “JacksonKing Of Pop vocal modelling, zipped through with a juicy R’n’B twist.

Frankie has taken the video to a level of gleaming Hollywood polish on this one. However, I could never say no, to a video crammed full of sci-fi wow with hot space boys and gals walking on the moon.

Our last remaining thoughts on this before we press replay for like the 10th time – we can see it’d be flirtingly attractive to the NKOTBSB audience.

Take it away Frankie!