Britt Nicole sure has the upper hand at sprinkling the pop glitter on release of her single “Gold”.

The sunshine energy on display here is pretty much hard not to get soaked up in. FACT!

To be honest there can be times when a tune is so pop infectious it can be a little distracting to go a little deeper than to get swept up in it’s bouncy pop appealing soundtrack, and sometimes the lyrics do more than just recount happy stories.

Like when we cut across the highly creditable sunshine pop for of ‘Gold’ for a minute, you will find the accompanying video reveals a fully empowering pop theme that takes in a snapshot of trauma’s and common issues that can blight some of today’s youngsters adolescent years.

Whilst thought provoking issues come to light here, there is no doubt that the message Britt brings is rise up and conquer, your worth it!  If the power of music can in anyway be held accountable as a trigger to restore self belief, if only a little, then 2013 Grammy Nominee Britt’s got the measure of positivity in it in ‘Gold’ the lead single and title track from her forthcoming 3rd album.

Gold - Single - Britt Nicole