Solomon Grey

By Mandy Rogers

Oh my! Instant obsession with alt-electro dance creators
Solomon Grey!

A duo formed of Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson that traverses
both the UK and Australia, have been busy at work bringing together their
artistically visual and listening experience for the last 3 years and now they
unleash it to the masses.

I for one am captivated by this aesthetically sleek project, it just
has so much good going for it and oozes such professionalism for a debut, the
like I haven’t seen of a non-majorly financed project for a long time.

First offering “Firechild” is an intoxication of
melodramatic exhilaration, that’s been likened both to TV On The Radio and Twin
, neither I am so familiar with, but I like to think I‘ve learned a
little something of what stands out as first-class when I hear it, and when I
hear this my adrenaline kicks in so hard, I surrender to let intuition win.

This way impressive artistic extravaganza of a video, was
created by friends and a friends of friends network of professionals in their
field, who all gave to the project without charge. Solomon Grey obviously has
some very cool friends, as this is a superly stunning visual realisation and
just the beginning of an album’s worth of material that the duo have just
sealed. Certainly all sorts of excited too hear of it for sure.

Don’t miss out on the Free Download housed under the video.