Colette Carr

Mandy Rogers

on from the announcement that glamour puss rapper Colette Carr has worked up an
innovative way to deliver her debut album “Skitszo” to her public, by first
leading through a succession of 4 digital EP instalments, than the first
increment “Skitszo Pt. 1” is now hotly rolling off the press as quick as I can

from this initial release comes “F16” and wow, does Colette articulately rapid
fire the rap out, strewth I wouldn’t want to be pitted up against her in a
tongue-twister spinging match off, her rap pitter-patter is dang clean cut and
oh so enviable.

if you were classified as being fly the past couple of years back it was all
about the G6, well Colette has moved on to bring F16’s into vogue and to be
honest the frenetic nature of this Vincent Turner (Frankmusik) produced track
is undeniably ear popping candylicious. 

"Skitszo Pt. 1" – is available through