Graph Gonzales

By Mandy Rogers

From EQ Discovery to EQTV Graph Gonzales, brings her 80’s pumped tune “Eyes In The Dark” into the visual.

In harmony with the sassy vibe “Eyes In The Dark” gives off, the dark sexual undertones of this night time liason are explored with chic and class, as a foxy Graph stealthily glides through the night, flirtatiously fixing her enamour with her beguiling doe eyed playful gaze. Proving that in your face attempts at eroticism are more often than not shouting tackiness NOT sexiness, well at least in our preferred opinion. Graph’s visual showing of this has the upper hand, oozing sensuality, mystery and an element of daring.  Much on feeling as an 80’s twist of Tom Cruise and Nicole KidmanEyes Wide Shut”.

In keeping with the 80’s sensibility, we invite you to take some further out to listen too or Free Download the 80’s loaded Mash-up paired with “Bette Davis Eyes” – Kim Carnes & “Sunglasses At Night” – Cory Hart.  We think this not only a very witty combination of choice, but also a total gorgeous abundance of 80’s amazingness.  Something that at that time, you might recall Jive Bunny who were prolific in mega mix circles never quite made the full measure of.

Eyes in the Dark (Remixes Part 1) - Graph Gonzales

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