By Mandy Rogers

Floating on a swirling indie pop cloud of electronica, meet Kitten, an L.A. based band that show promise in knowing how to bring on the shine amongst the backbone of penetrating fuzzy synths that steer latest track “Cut It Out” .

The band comprising of vocalist Chloe ChadizAndy Miller and Chris Vogel first raised interest with their grittier pop/rock leaning style on debut “Sunday School EP” back in 2010.

They mark their return here in 2012, with “Cut It Out” weighted in bold and punchy rhythms, dripping in dreambeats and topped in the luscious strains of breezy vocals, sending this track into something out of the glittering chrome ball park on the left of field curve that is driven and feisty and freshly looped with metallic electricity to shout about. Kinda much as prettily gritty to my mind as their golden glitter encrusted video.