You know what I like about LMFAO.  They are what they say they are on the tin. Silly, cheeky, outrageous and fun.  This ethos holds true in their new music video with Cherry Tree Records label mate Natalia Kills for "Champagne Showers".

The video is an alcohol drenched romp through sillysville and as it's Friday and all, you might as well just go with.  It's got vampires, it's got crazy dancing and the video has more zebra stripes in it than the Bronx Zoo.

Can't wait to see LMFAO and Natalia Kills perform in London on Monday at the Cherry Tree London event at Kings College – we'll be there!  However, after watching "Champagne Showers", I think I might need to take a plastic rain poncho…yeah, that might be a really good idea…