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You know, this isn’t the usual sort of track I post on EQ, but I found myself enjoying this little jewel of a track by Caro Emerald last night. She almost has a rather enjoyable Lily Allen quality about her music which probably isn’t intentional but rather her attempt to infuse a cool vintage style sound that is influenced by her love of 40’s and 50’s music. And since Lily is leaving music anyways, I welcome Caro Emerald with open arms.

“Back It Up” officially comes out on October 4th and is taken from her upcoming album “Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor” which I’ll be looking out for when it drops. Girlfriend has great voice, great style and if “Back It Up” is anything to go by, then I’d say her tunes are quite catchy. If you’re not convinced you pure pop pimps, check Caro Emerald out doing a swing version “Bad Romance”.

More Caro Emerald on her official website.