I just love the acoustic crooner that is K Anderson.  He’s got a real Bryan Adams quality to his voice and his new single “This Changes Everything” has such a foot-taping splendor about it that you just can’t quite resist getting drawn into it.

Believe it or not, THIS SONG HAS NO SYNTHS in it and guess what – I like it.  Shocker eh?  Color you surprised eh?  It doesn’t happen often that I get into this type of music but every so often I like to expand my musical horizons into unfamiliar territory and with K Anderson as a trusty tour guide, I couldn’t be any happier.  In fact, I like K Anderson so much that I invited him to play at EQ Live on September 4th and he said yes!  I absolutely cannot wait to see his live set…and I’ll even forgive him if he doesn’t bring a synthesizer.

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