There is no denying that The Wanted are now the UK’s biggest boyband.  They’ve drop-kicked JLS out the charts and have taken over the music channels, the airwaves, the teen rags and gossip columns.  They are everywhere.  This morning when I woke up, news of their new video “Heart Vacancy” was all over Twitter and it even made the trending topics.  You go boys.  Mama EQ is proud. 

Best part of the video for me was at 2:55 when a turn for the worst happens when a whimsical evening of “Cinema Paradiso” turns into “The Ring” and a mysterious silver screen actor glamours an innocent movie-watcher, jumps out of the screen and kidnaps her to his wicked world of black and white – thus fufilling his “heart vacancy”. 

Scary shit indeed.  I laughed out loud.