Mia Martina became big pop news last year when she sang on Edward Maya's global and frankly brilliant platinum single "Stereo Love".

Fans of the track – and let's be honest, that's pretty much everyone – will be excited to know that Mia Martina is back with a full album, and it continues in that awesome club-targeted, europop vein, but mercifully with less accordion. 

The album is titled "Devotion" and it's out in stores now. Its first single, "Latin Moon" matches the epic club brilliance of "Stereo Love" but manages to go a step further, and feels more complete, more ambitious, and a lot better for it. 

The video to "Latin Moon", filmed in Havana, Cuba, does an excellent job of bringing back memories of long summers, idyllic beaches, beautiful people and unforgettable all-night parties. If you're already mourning the demise of the summer, "Latin Moon" will take you right back.  Enjoy it below!