You know, sometimes you just discover music in some very unconventional ways.

Everyone tells me that I am supposed to "LOVE" Marina & The Diamonds.  The BBC, PRs, newspapers, trusted blogs, etc, but I never quite got Marina and her dark emotional pop until I saw her latest video to "Hollywood" and then the big "I get it now!" lightbulb came on.  I also met her at Erik Hassle's Christmas party too and she was really cool and pleasant (unlike some rising pop stars I've met) so that prompted me to delve into her music a bit more – sometimes it just happens that way.

So here is her new video to "Hollywood" – it's very cool in that Katy Perry sorta way and it should be since it was directed by Kinga Burza.  The video explores some of the false hopes that are put into seeking the good life in America.  As an American living in the UK, it often baffles me how many Brits and European nationals yearn for "The American dream".  Is living in America the end-all be all?  No, it's not – America does a great job of putting a shiny gloss on itself and "it's mess" and Marina captured this ideal so effortlessly in her track and video.  

I'm quite impressed, albeit a little late to the Marina & The Diamonds party.

I look forward now to listening to her debut album "Family Jewels" which comes out February 15th.