Miriam bryant

By Javi Lopez

It truly amazes me the talent that is around that needs to be recognized. It also sometimes upsets me, as I am only good singing in the shower. English born and Swedish raised, Miriam Bryant is a talented 21 years old girl with so much to say through her music.

Miriam has an amazing debut single called "Finders Keepers" and I would say, it is a track that brings up memories, haunts you and hooks you up on a pit of emotions that you just can't scape from. It's ridiculously amazing the way the piano matches with Miriam vocals through the whole song. Just Brilliant.

You can watch the Finder Keepers music video below and snatch it right now off iTunes – EQs, you are all in for a treat. 

Finders, Keepers - Single - Miriam Bryant