Wow – never has a car crash looked more sexy!

Check out the brand new video for "The Unconsoled" by one of my favorite new indie bands Performance.  Still going strong after the release of "The Living", Manchester-based Performance certainly aren't stopping until the world takes notice of their Killers-esque sound and striking visuals.  I for one am quite the fan of what they do and their new video for "The Unconsoled" doesn't dissapoint.  I actually caught myself saying "owwww" when their heads hit the glass towards the end of the video – I do certainly hope they did that in one take…could you imagine?

Some little-known tidbits on Performance as well for you…

  • Singer Joe Stretch is an acclaimed novelist and has written two books, "Friction" (2007) and "Wildlife" (2008), both of which have been published by Vintage/Random House.
  • Joe Cross (Synth, Bass, Programming) has been working as a producer/songwriter and has been helping to develop hotly-tipped new bands like Hurts and The Sound Of Arrows – how cool is that?!
  • Performance's new album "Red Brick Heart" is due out later this year…make sure you add it to your pre-order list like I have…