I was quite blown away when Diagram Of The Heart unveiled their new video to "If I Were You" the other day.  Highly stylized and a proper pop bonanza with a dash of military-chic, the video proved that the band are here to make an impact this time.  I knew they were something special when I first heard "Dead Famous" and it's good to see Diagram Of The Heart going from strength-to-strenth with every new release. 

I asked Diagram Of The Heart to comment on the video and this what the guys had to say:

"Stylistically the military theme of the video fitted with what we were already wearing on stage. We liked the idea of a big epic setting and when we went to view the location and saw how much potential it had, we knew it was going to be a great video. We wanted to bring back the big epic pop videos that seem to have disappeared of late. We think "If I Were You" does exactly that. We also wanted it to look unique from anything out there at the moment".

"If I Were You" will be released on February 13th with their debut album "Vital Signs" following shortly.