Jennifer lopez love

#8: "Love?" by Jennifer Lopez

You know, I'm just as surpised as you that Jennifer Lopez's album is in my top 20 list, but in the beginning of this year, I found myself listening to it every single day.  Albeit the rapping and ubran aspect of the album wasn't a huge turn on for me, the dance-floor saavy of "Papi", "I'm Into You" and "Get On The Floor" made my rare trips to the gym a total delight to say the least.  An early release in 2011 to coincide perhaps with her time on American Idol proved that Jennifer Lopez did not abandon her fans that loved her first two albums which were more dance focused than urban flavoured.  We like this version of Jennifer Lopez – she's a sassy, beautiful, dance diva that everyone can appreciate and if you're a fan of pop music, "Love?" was pretty hard to ignore this year as a true return-to-form or dare we say it "comeback" record.

LOVE? (Deluxe Edition) - Jennifer Lopez