Oh land

#5: "Oh Land" by Oh Land

I wasn't so sure if Oh Land was going to be my cup of tea or not, but this Danish songstress really brought something unique and promising to the electronic pop music scene this year.  With Oh Land's stunning visuals and quirky original songs, there really was an etheral sense to her music which brought light, energy and emotion all together in a kalidescope of sound that couldn't be replicated, bottled or mass produced.  Songs like "Sun Of A Gun", "We Turn It Up" and "Wolf And I" are stunning works that tell stories eloquently from the imagination of a true artist.  It's no surprise to me that Oh Land really took off, especially in America, this past year.  Her debut canvas not only was impressive, but garnered her kudos for a promising career in the new music industry.

EQ interview with Oh Land

Oh Land - Oh Land