#19: "111" by Her Majesty & The Wolves

This was one album that couldn't have come out fast enough this year for me.  Lead single "Stars In Your Eyes" proved that Her Majesty & The Wolves were on a mission to redefine dance music through synthtastic pop beats, clever lyricism and a whole lotta serious fun.  With Kimberly Wyatt's rising UK celebrity lending it's hand to help catapult this collaborative band into the limelight, the project lent a sense of credibility to the project.  Spencer Nezey's clear vision for the band clearly shines thorugh on tracks like "Goodbye Goodnight" and "Emerald Showers" proving that Her Majesty And The Wolves are only beginning to touch upon what could be a serious future in the music industry. 

111 - Her Majesty & The Wolves

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