Queen of hearts

#11: "The Arrival" EP by Queen Of Hearts

If "The Arrival" EP by Queen Of Hearts is just a taster, then wow oh wow, what can we expect from a full length player then?  "The Arrival" is an electronic pop triumph with amazing tracks like "Shoot The Bullet" produced by The Sound Of Arrows", the dubstep drenched "Black Star" and quite possibly one of my favorite tracks of the year, "Where Are You Now"Queen Of Hearts had to fight tooth and nail to get where she is today, after a falling out with her ex bandmates Red Blooded Women, nothing is going to steal the limelight from Queenie's pursuit in being a credible electronic pop goddess.  She's doing it right too, her shows are nothing short of captivating and her sophisticated style remains achingly cool to compete with the likes of Gaga and Kelis.  Place her in-between the mainstream and obscure if you will, for that is why I find her extremely fascinating as an artist.

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The Arrival - EP - Queen of Hearts