You all know how much I love Robyn. I actually even like Paul Rudd and worship Adam Samberg.

But this? REALLY?

I have to question if this was really the right move for Robyn. We all know that she hasn’t the easiest ride to the top in America, but singing about “eating garbage”, “whipping your dick out” and “home schooling a kid in a club” is what it takes for her to have major mainstream success, then I must frown upon it.

Believe it or not, I do have a sense of humor. I LOVE LMFAO but they haven’t even gone this low, they just mostly joke about how much they drink and how sexy they are(n’t). I get it. However, “Go Kindergarten” doesn’t win any arguments when it comes to classifying the youth of today as mindless zombies who consume nothing but garbage and take orders from the shiny people in ridiculous costumes who are on the stage.

Robyn darling – I love you, but I won’t be buying this one. If we can have this credible, emotive and blindingly brilliant Robyn back, I’ll be happy and forgive you for being involved in this piece of shit called “Go Kindergarten” as a one-off.

If there is a good argument as to why this video is ironically viable and relevant today, I’d love to hear it.