Although EQ is clearly not winning the race for "Best Music Blog" at the Weblog Awards this year, I am beyond thrilled to have been honored to win "Worst Music Blog" along with PopTastic and Swedes Please as deemed by Mike over at Pop Trash Addicts!

The reasons for winning you ask?  Well although he says the design is good, EQ gets the award for spending most of our time copying the content from other pop blogs as well as organizing "poorly attended club nights".  Mike says…

"Chances are you'll have already read about it at Fizzy Pop or Don't Stop The Pop before it graces the pages of this beautifully designed but disturbingly derivative blog."

Now, I can't ever seem to recall writing about an artist or song purely on the fact that it appeared on those aforementioned blogs, but it is true that we all share an appreciation for a small handful of the same artists – but when is that a bad thing?  I'm

It's all good though, no harm done.  I think it's all a good laugh and Mike is more than entitled to his opinion.  I'm just happy a few people take joy in my totally un-original daily music rants and promotion of artists that can only be talked about on the first blog or website that writes about them.  

As a side-note, Fizzy Pop is one of my favourite blogs on the internet – I read it everyday.  Don't Stop The Pop on the other hand, I read about once every two and a half months…