I'm very sad today to learn of the passing of Steve Jobs.  Some may say he has very little to do with the music industry as a technology guru, but for me, personally, he and his amazing team at Apple have revolutionized the music industry in the way we consume music and the way we enjoy it. 

Apple have properly brought the world into the digital era and have created unique, sophisitcated and simple digital products that are the future.  Apple have bravely pioneered forward in making the mp3 and iTunes the world's best record store and that's why you only will ever see iTunes download links on EQ – because iTunes is the best way to browse and purchase music of the world.  Don't even try to convince me otherwise.

Sure, Apple products are a tad expensive and they aren't 100% perfect, but in a day and age where people still fear technology, Apple has done their very best to make their products human and easy to understand – something that it's competitors still have mega issues with. 

My heart goes out to Steve Jobs, his family and everyone at Apple who have tirelessly worked on creating a positive change in moving the world forward into the digital age.

EQ salutes you.