by Will-W.

Whitney's back. For real this time. After ballads I Didn't Know My Own Strength (bland) and I Look To You (better) leaked recently, fans were left in a bit of a panic. Many were concerned that the diva's much-anticipated comeback would cumlimate in only a generic middle-of-the-road ballad.

As we know, it is not 1985 anymore and Top 40 radio rarely plays ballads these days. So how does a crooner remain relevant in this day and age where most hits are denoted "feat. Lil Wayne", "feat. Kanye West" or "feat T.I."? You compromise and suckerpunch us with a single that sounds classic and relevant still.

Whitney's confirmed comeback single Million Dollar Bill is splendid. It recalls Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson (which is still fresh) with a sound that is every bit disco as it is motown. It is a feel-good song, which is what a comeback single should be, instead of being an afterthought of having overcome struggle. Need one even go into detail about what a rough decade Whitney has had?

The single is written by Grammy darling Alicia Keys and co-produced by her partner Swizz Beatz, no doubt an arrangement mogul Clive Davis is responsible for as he is very much responsible for having overseen both divas' successes.  It is based around a sample from Loletta Holloway's We're Getting Stronger.  The production and writing in fact, are so well-done that you hardly notice the absence of Whitney's upper-register which she is known for.

Whitney's album I Look To You has been bumped up to an August 31st release to meet the forthcoming Grammy deadline.  Yes, they are that confident.  And so are we.  Listen the single below: