by Will-W.


Frankmusik (née Vincent Turner) is a case study on the importance of publicity and its timing.  Pop perfection?  Check.  Handsome looks?  Check.  Rave reviews?  Check.  Chart success?  X. 


The former fashion student turned electropop singer/songwriter first surfaced on blogs early 2008 and quickly, the likes of Peter Robinson at Popjustice were hailing Frankmusik as “the future of pop music”.  Clearly, co-producer Stuart Price (Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor) saw enough potential in Frankmusik to make it worth his while to invest in an unknown talent.  Since then, tracks like In Step, Better Off as 2 and 3 Little Words among others, have been leaked strategically.  The online music community was left begging for more. 


It is perhaps the length of the tease between peaking interest and finally delivering debut album Complete Me from Island Records, which has resulted in it being somewhat of a non-event now.  The musical equivalent of the public having had a case of “blue balls” for far too long.  To illustrate this further, mid-week sales tallies since its release earlier this week in the UK are below expectations.  Regardless, this album is a piece of pop art.  Its electro-synth pop canvas is painted with intricate strokes of meticulous production, splashed with gorgeous colourful melodies and delivered to the gallery with Frankmusik’s pristine tenor vocals. 


In addition to some of the tracks mentioned which had leaked previously, whimsical current single Confusion Girl is one of many highlights on the album.  The track taps into Mika’s demographic of teens and adventurous adults and sadly should be faring better really than it is on the UK charts, hovering near the bottom of the Top 30.  Wonder Woman playfully reminds us all that work should not be everything.  Title track Complete Me is full of heart with a robust chorus, carefully saved for later in the album.  It is the heartbreaking “Vacant Heart” however, that will capture the hearts of non-believers; its gorgeous melancholy holds on its own without interrupting album flow.  Time Will Tell samples MARRS’ classic Pump Up The Volume and it is infectious.

Fans of ELO, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Human League and even contemporaries La Roux, will appreciate this highly impressive debut.  For those interested, the album is also available in a dual disc edition with its second disc featuring a continuous mix by Frankmusik himself.  Although he is currently touring in the UK, North American album release and tour dates are forthcoming.  Learn more about Frankmusik at his Myspace page.