You know, every once in awhile a random old track comes up on the pod and it totally takes over.  Just last night I was chilling out listening to music and Paula Abdul’s "U" came on.  I totally forgot how much I loved this electro-house track in the 90’s.  Written by Prince and taken from Paula Abdul’s stellar second album "Spellbound", "U" is and was a modern masterpiece.  But then again, almost everything Prince lends his support to turns out to be rather good doesn’t it.  Fuck, I still even love "Batdance". 

So take a retro rewind with me today to a day and time in the 90’s where Paula Abdul was on the respected up-and-up and before she became a household American Idol staple.  She was a pop princess back then for all you youngers kids who didn’t know.  If you want to re-visit her "Spellbound" album too, it’s worth it.  I loved the lesser known tracks on it so much, like "Rock House", the brilliant "Vibeology" and her number one smash "Rush Rush" still gives me goosebumps.  And Keanu Reeves looked ever-so-cute in the vid-e-o didn’t he?!

"Oh Baby what you do to me, really put it through to me…Ooooh.
I’m talkin bout U".

U: Paula Abdul