It's Monday pop nerds and that means that it's high time for you to start downloading this weeks EQ recommendations. 

Without a doubt, the ONE album that you MUST DOWNLOAD without hesitation is "Voyage" by The Sound Of Arrows.  A full review of the album will be coming later on, but rest assured it's one of the finest pieces of electronica you will experience all year.  It's one of those stellar albums that you can listen to on blast with your headphones whilst surrounding yourself with comfy pillows with the lights off. 

Just do it.  Trust me.

We'll be chatting to The Sound Of Arrows a little later on this week too at their show with Visitor, Queen Of Hearts and Fear Of Tigers, so watch out for that too. 

Voyage (Bonus Track Version) - The Sound of Arrows

In the meantime, get downloading this week's EQ recommended albums and singles!