Love+WarIt’s starting to get that winter chill outdoors. The fires are starting to blaze inside out fireplaces. Then the lovely warm embrace of your loved ones just a few weeks away awaits you on Christmas Day. Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again where the holidays just come knocking at our doors just waiting to let them in for a glass of hot chocolate. Some of you may not be quite ready for the season to chime in, but today we got a little something to get us all in that festive mood with the new EP from Love+War entitled xmas vol.I.

The two track EP contains two beautiful bluesy takes on the Christmas classics “I’ll Be Home for Xmas” and “Oh Xmas Tree.”

You may have heard many versions of “I’ll Be Home for Xmas” before. Love+War’s version is the perfect description of the Nashville sound. You enter in with these soulful vocals that warmly embrace your insides. Then, your ears are kissed gently with a classic blues rock guitar that immerses you into what the season is all about. Being around the ones you love and care for.

Then, there is “Oh Xmas Tree.” I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never been the biggest fan of this carol. I haven’t even learned all the lyrics in my twenty some odd years of life. Though, after hearing such a cheerful rendition by Love+War, I’m about to dive right in and get my lyric education on! Heck, if Coury and Rob went caroling with this in their repertoire they’d be sure to bring every listener to their feet to clap and stomp along. The beat alone is infectious. You cannot listen to “O Xmas Tree” without stomping your feet to the beat.

Xmas Vol 1 takes these outdated and somewhat dreary Christmas carols and livens them up for another generation. Let’s face it. With Love+War, you’ll never see carols the same way again!

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