NoveSometimes the freshest of faces are some of the most seasoned artists out there. Behind the scenes, 25-year-old NØVE has been producing for other artists for a couple of years. Now it is time for him to step out from behind the shadows to display the sound that makes him truly his own artist.

NØVE (Nick Wallace) began in early 2015 as a collaboration between himself – a Venice-raised surfer – and producer Johnny What (one third of the LA-based trio BRÅVES) and sort of happened by accident. Having worked together for a few years prior on various projects, Wallace unexpectedly brought some new material to Johnny while the two were in the studio one day, and they were immediately off and running in a new direction.

Dark Paradise, the debut EP from NØVE, has a sound that is so refined that it is very difficult to believe that this is a debut. The EP runs a gamut of emotions that NØVE doesn’t have to rely on too much vocal effect to get his point across. Such as the opening track ‘Taboo.’ By relying on natural vocals with a small amount of reverb, you get a sensual, r&b tone of what is going through his head when the world looks upon him dating an older woman.

Then there is this rich use of synthesizers that don’t detract, but are used to enhance the listening experience; Just like in the closing track ‘Thinking Bout You BB.’ This is where NØVE takes on a very pop vibe. A gritty synth in the track takes lyrical content that can become a tad descriptive (take that as a NSFW warning) and enhance those visuals just that much further into the naughty world.

To top it all off, NØVE delivers a sound that can cross many bridges. Dark Paradise blends seamlessly a myriad of genres guaranteed to please some of the most finicky of listeners. From R&B to electro and rock to pop, he’s got a little something for everyone.  Just check out Dark Paradise for yourselves out below! If you dig it, it’s available on iTunes 14 July!