Jake Quickenden

CLICK HERE – Watch the music video for ‘Blindfold’ by Jake Quickenden

For many musical talent show alumni, there is a bit of a stereotype that comes with having the association with one of these shows. With X Factor UK alum Jake Quickenden, he has shed those stereotypes of manufactured pop and emotionless pre written tracks with his latest ‘Can’t Stand the Rain’ (OPTIXX REMIX).

Many of you have already caught wind of the original version of ‘Can’t Stand the Rain’ (off of the ‘New Chapter’ EP due out next Friday) that Jake dropped the audio for earlier this week. The song, was originally written by and preformed originally on his YouTube two years ago.  You can check it out here.

The listener with being able to listen to the song from its inception gets a new perspective of how a song actually comes together. Quite the insight for those who like to delve into the creative space of their favourite artists.

Jake says of the track: “I’ve written a lot of really personal songs and some of them are meant to sound really raw like my other single on this EP, ‘Blindfold’. With ‘Can’t Stand the Rain’, it just feels like a nice, uplifting radio ready track. It just brings a bit of light to the EP and shows a different side to the kind of guitar pop music I do. It’s got a good vibe and people who have heard it seem to like it.”

Yet, we all here love a little classic pop sound. But we here at EQ Music Blog LIVE for an electro spin. With the ‘Can’t Stand the Rain (OPTIXX REMIX)’ you get everything the original song offers emotionally with that upbeat club melody. The song itself has a bit of a dismal tone as it carries a heavy message that sometimes it’s hard to escape the darkness. You want the sun to come out but sometimes it feels like the rain just will never stop. Then with each melody in both the original you get a nice little upbeat feel that just lifts the listener out of the heavier emotions. To get out of those ugly emotions, what’s better than going out and having a dance to ‘Can’t Stand the Rain (OPTIXX REMIX)?’ Not much.

Jake Quickenden is not just another talent show reject. By releasing a great remix, you get a chance to really see how multifaceted Jake Quickenden is an artist.  You can’t get those skills from X Factor alone.