Girl Friend

When it falls to promising new electronic-pop bands, leading in this field by our estimation are Manchester outfit Girl Friend.

Hailing from a city that has produced some of the most influential electronic bands of our time like New Order, Hurts and The 1975. There is a president that the industrial city is also a great nurturing ground of cultural and arts development.

We first picked up on Girl Friend just over a year ago and we’ve been hard pressed as yet not to love each and every one of the sleek, disco decadent offerings that they are so fruitful at coming out with.

We can tell you, we are eager for the band to land their first music video, as surely this must be their next step in the process.

In our wait that we hope will not be so long in coming to fruition, we went out and got ourselves the next best thing. This being a face-to-face interview with Amory and Eleanor just after they hit the stage at British Summer Time festival.

As one of our most favorably looked upon new bands, we got to discuss how Girl Friend came together. Their experiences of gigging as a new band and what electronic pop means to Girl Friend. Along with a little informative insight on our favourite Girl Friend tracks “Tragic On The Dancefloor” and “Waste My Time