Deep in a dungeonesque London car park, Little Neve and K Bastian gathered with mysterious dancers, a skater, actors and movie makers, all to tell the story of “Red Shoes” – the Mollyhaus song inspired by the glorious Chantal and her erotic, exotic ‘House of Shame’. Chantal makes only ONE demand of her guests, whatever or whoever you are doing… “You must keep your shoes on, Darlinks!”

Fabulous filmmaker Anton Z Risan and his team have now created a visual feast of a music video for ‘Red Shoes’ and we are very excited to announce it’s release today!

Check out the EQ Music exclusive music video premiere of “Red Shoes” right now and make sure to check out Mollyhaus on Soundcloud – they are one of our favorite new bands of the moment…

Red Shoes - Single - Mollyhaus