In case you haven't heard, EQ Live is tonight and The Dirty Disco have planned a mighty set for all of you in which they will be performing their punchy new single "Sista!".  The band recently put together a little documentary about their life on the road which sees the band performing with I Blame Coco and shows their funny banter with each other – it's a great little clip for those of you whose curiosities have been peaked with The Dirty Disco.

The Dirty Disco have also recently remixed "Black Cats" by EQ fave Bertie Blackman and you can listen to their stunning re-working of the track above.  We'll definitely be spinning this one tonight.

So last reminder – If you are free tonight and out-and-about in Londontown, then come on over to Shoreditch for EQ Live.  It's a FREE show featuring the best new artists in pop & electronica.  If you like discovering new music (and who doesn't really), then EQ Live is your best bet for tonight.

See you there.