So what happens when you take the hottest now electro girl band and put them in a room with EQ?  It rains cupcakes and we gossip about boys, that’s what happens!

We’ve been saying it for quite some time now…The Electric Dolls are blowing up and are pretty much bringing real fun back into pop.  Forget those Sheila’s Wheels chics and all those other imitation girl band pole-dancing wannabees, The Electric Dolls are fierce and ain’t no other band of ladies can even come close to what these girls are doing…

Hello Electric Dolls – why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourselves and your musical mission to us…

All:  I’m Lynsey, I’m Lexy, I’m Kelly, I’m Jenny & I’m Sarah & together we are Electric Dolls!

Lynsey_2 Lynsey: Our mission, hmmm… Our mission is to brighten everyone’s lives with our fun Dolly ways and get their Bap’s Bakin’ along with their ass’ shakin’! We’re recruiting Dollymixtures! That’s what we’re doing!

Fab! So the Electric Dolls then…why are you electric and do you really live in a toy store?


Kelly: Of course we do silly!!!

Lynsey_3 Lynsey: Well we did until we busted out all over the place! It’s all going to be explained in our new cartoon illustrated blog!

Every time we see you live, we are blown away.  Who comes up with all those lovely costumes and styling that you sport?

Kelly_2 Kelly: We have an amazing stylist called Stefanina Cumbo & she develops the outfits together with us. We also get a lot of what you see from the wonderful ‘Sparkling Strawberry’  (check out www.sparklingstrawberry.com) & it’s put together in our own individual way!

Is it true you got SDB of Switch22 to get naked and hand out cupcakes for you at a gig?  We saw the photos…fess up.

Lynsey_4 Lynsey: ‘tis true I bewitched Stefan with my hypnotic green eyes & made him strip naked & do our bidding… well nearly. Let’s just say he’s a good friend & we’ll reciprocate the favour & get naked for the Switch22 boys anytime they care to ask! Ha ha! God don’t tell Swany that… Jen will be in big trouble in little Hong Kong! It’ll be like a scene from ‘Way Of The Dragon’ meets ‘ello ello’ where the Doll is being pursued by the karate kicking, skater boy! Now there’s a film…
Kelly_3 Kelly: Also, Stef actually got me in touch with Lynsey for the Electric Dolls, then I dragged Lexy on board and the rest is history, so thanks again Stef!!!
Lexy Lexy: Thanks again Kell!!
Lynsey_5 Lynsey: Yeah, it’s all Stefan’s fault!

So where are you at in the recording process?  Any EP or album in the works?

Sarah Sarah: We are currently filming our Dolly show reel…so watch this space…its gonna be a real treat for all you dolly mixtures out there. You will get a glimpse of us in action and behind the scenes! As far as the album goes… OVER TO YOU LYNS!!
Lynsey_6 Lynsey: Thank you lovely Sarah! We’re well on our way to an albums worth of material and we may even be testing the water by making Baps R Bakin’ available for download through the website www.tunesquare.com so keep your eye on the myspace updates. I’d say we have 8 out of 12 tracks ready & plenty more in my crazy mixed up head to get onto an mp3 player near you so it’s just a matter of time. As I mentioned earlier, as well as the video show reel Sarah mentioned there’s going to be an all brand new website with a monthly cartoon illustrated blog about the Dolly’s antics coming very very soon! Semi-autobiographical I’ll have you know so you’ll have fun trying to decide what’s real & what’s made up! Ha ha!

So we crowned ‘Baps R Bakin’ with an EQ Number one – an honor or cringeworthy?

Jenny Jenny: Definitely an honor, any support we get is very much appreciated!
Sarah_2 Sarah: Yes, I agree Jen…thanks EQ!!
Lynsey_7 Lynsey: It’s all good! A number one is a number one… we will never forget our 1st time.
Jenny_2 Jenny: “I’d like to thank EQ & god! And my Mom & EQ”…

So is ‘Baps R Bakin’ really about sweets and pastries or are you getting all innuendo-y on us?  We know the answer already, but want to hear it from you!

Lexy_2 Lexy: I don’t know what you mean!!??
Kelly_4 Kelly: Yeah, its about sweets and pastries *wink wink* he he. The kind the boys like!

So do you think you have what it takes to take on the Sugababes and Girls Aloud…they seem to reign over the girlband territory these days?

Lynsey_8 Lynsey: Well I think there’s room out there for all of us but personally I don’t think there’s any girl band doing what my favourite artists do. I love Scissor Sisters, Madonna, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Timberland, Will I.Am & I think they work hard, produce great pop tunes, that push new sounds out there & they’re not afraid to do the same with their image. They have fun & are creative & it makes them the forerunners of pop. We want to have our own brand of pop that pays homage to our influences while being quintessentially Dollytastic! It’s a creative process “man” & we love every minute of it!
Kelly_5 Kelly: Yeah, Lynsey’s right. Were not trying to take over their territory, we’re totally different and there’s enough room for The Dolls too.

Lynsey you’ve been on the pop scene for quite a while, haven’t you…? Where did you start out and what prompted you to startup Electric Dolls?


Lynsey: Wow, I started out singing at the top of my stairs at home making up songs with my brother to tell my Mum she could come upstairs to tuck us in. ‘You Can Come Up’ is one of those great undiscovered tunes… ahem that will remain undiscovered! Unless my brother ever feels the need to be evil! I got singing everywhere & anywhere I could when I was in my teens in Loughborough & Leicester. I didn’t go to performing arts college, unlike some of the Dolls. In fact I studied at The London College of Fashion. I just did it my own way, as always (I can see my friends & family rolling their eyes as they read this). I was performing the clubs & pubs & then I started to audition in London getting into many bands/projects along the way but quickly finding myself in Girls@Play, with the now Roxy Mitchell, Rita Simons. That was a whirlwind time and a huge learning curve for me about the industry. When we split I knew I’d be back, it was just a case of how & when. I still feel as I did with Girls@Play that given the right set of circumstances we could’ve been huge! We did achieve a lot in our short time together. People still talk about us now, which says it all. There’s also a lot to be said for being in a band & experiencing everything with other people. Everyone takes notice when there’s 5 of you! I wanted the best of what we did in G@P mixed in with my own songs & ideas taking from the artists I admire. Songs, images & a vibe that I would buy into myself. This was the foundation of Electric Dolls.

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