So welcome to the second part of our feature interview with the The Electric Dolls.  In this segment, we learn about what their saucy costumes really mean and we get down to business on all things musical and girly with them.  If you haven’t become a Dollymixture yet, the dolls have made their highly infectious track ‘Baps R Bakin’ available for you to enjoy over at TuneSquare.com.

And you can always get up-to-date information on the Electric Dolls over at their Myspace page located here.  If you missed Part 1 of the interview, just clicky clicky here.

So your costumes sorta distinguish your personalities a bit don’t they?  Care to elaborate?  We noticed Lynsey switched from the pink bakers outfit to the more saucy toy soldier number!

Lynsey Lynsey: Actually Jens more the cupcake, hey Jen? And I’m the ring leader…ha ha! So it made sense.
Kelly Kelly: Yeah Jens a real sweetie, and Lyns is definitely best with a whip!!! He he.
Jenny Jenny: Yeah the costumes probably do reflect aspects of our personalities. I’m looking forward to going on tour and Lexy doing all our ironing, eh Lex, sound good?!?
Lexy Lexy: Umm… Have to think about that one Jen! I’ve been nicknamed the "stepford wife" and I’m not quite sure why!? The cleaning thing isn’t entirely true, but I will make a good lil’ wifey one day!
Lynsey_2 Lynsey: You’re a stepford wife cos of your AMAZING Joseph Sinclair pics & you’re a cute, all American blonde… or at least…"Oh My God" it looks that way! We know you have a dark side Lex! Anyway Jen, why should we wait until we’re on tour? I’ve got a pile of ironing at home Lex.
Sarah Sarah: My costume reflects my darker side… the bit no one sees until a night out on the tiles with the Dollies!! I’m feeling the bid for Lexy to do the ironing Jen!! Ha ha!
Kelly_2 Lynsey: Me too, or should I say me four?  You’re out numbered Lex!!! Ironing it is!!!

‘Love Me Long Time’ is brilliant and loads of fun.  How did you come up with the concept behind this song?

Lynsey_3 Lynsey: Well, I was watching telly and I was thinking about when you have a crush on someone and you’re not necessarily getting your own way (I like the chase) and it makes you even more determined… Have I said too much? Anyway I tend to think in song hook lines. Like one of my idols Diane Warren. The hook line, phrase or word comes first… the tune second. I’d been playing with the idea in my head for a while and that day in front of TV I just started singing it. God knows how these things pop up? But who cares, it worked! Within 10 minutes I had the tune and lyrics, got myself into the studio with Danny Kirsch, who co-wrote it with me, had it produced up by David Trotter – est voila!

So what colour is the Electric Dolls Tour Bus going to be?
All: PINK!!!

Sarah_2 Sarah: …and sparkly!!

Which one of you takes the longest getting ready for a gig?

Lynsey_4 Lynsey: Kelly
Lexy_2 Lexy: I was just about to say that Lyns!
Sarah_3 Sarah: Me too!!…Must be true! She takes hours with the tongs getting all those luscious curls in place!
Kelly_4 Kelly: That was when I used to curl my hair as I have a big lions mane, but I don’t think I’m too bad now. Time/pain is beauty and all that…

So at your last show at Cafe De Paris you rocked the house.  Any other gigs lined up soon?

Jenny_2 Jenny: Thanks EQ! Plenty of gigs in the pipeline…we’ll be coming to a place near you soon so watch out…the dolls are about. Keep an eye on our websites for details.

And finally – what is your definition of the word Electroqueer?  Weird word eh?

Jenny_3 Jenny: I’d define it as happy electronicness… There’s nothing wrong with a bit of weirdness though, who wants to be normal! Then nobody’s gonna notice you.
Lynsey Lynsey: You keep telling yourself that Jen!!

Oh what the heck let’s have a girly girl question…Strawberry Shortcake or Rainbow Brite?  Girls Aloud or Sugababes?  Cyndi Lauper or Tina Turner?  Paula Abdul or Janet Jackson?  Martika or Fergie?

Lynsey_6 Lynsey: I had both Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake phases…. It’s too hard! Girls Aloud… they’re “prrrrurdy”.  Cyndi Lauper – love love love her but obviously kudos to Annie May too! Ahem Janet Jackson.  Don’t even compare her with the "I can’t stop wearing tiaras" Abdul.  Fergie – though "Martika’s Kitchen" was a huge album for me growing up… Prince co-wrote a lot of that record y’know!!!
Kelly Kelly: Erm…is Rainbow Brite the pony?  Girls Aloud and Sugababes have both done really well with their longevity, and I love Mutya. She’s real raw talent.  Tina Turner is a great role model for independent women.  I get told I look like the Abdul?! What do you think?  I love Janet though. Martika?  Er dollies am I being stupid or showing my age? Hehe.  I love Fergie’s style and she’s very talented.
Jenny Jenny: Erm I don’t really understand the first question…maybe before my time, Girls Aloud or Sugababes… that’s a tricky one; I love both of their songs and think they’re all talented… but at a push I’d say Sugababes as they’re a bit more edgy and unique. I’d say Cyndi Lauper because her songs are fun. Janet over Paula as she’s got some great songs and has made a name for herself independent of the other Jacksons. I absolutely love Michael Jackson though but that’s a whole other ball game. I’m with Kell on not knowing who Martika is so can’t really comment but I love Fergie… especially her song "Big Girls Don’t Cry". Have you seen her boyfriend girls? OMG FITTY!! Wouldn’t mind a bit of him!!
Lexy_3 Lexy: Yeah I agree… no idea what or who the Strawberry or Rainbow thingy is! I personally prefer Girls Aloud, I love their fashion sense but Sugababes have just got another number one single so good on them! Again Cyndi and Ms. Turner aren’t really what I listened to growing up but what good Dolly songs came from both of them “Girls just wanna have fun” and “Simply the best”…..so written for us and they didn’t even know it! Hehe!  Last two = Janet and Fergie what divas… Fab!
Lynsey_7 Lynsey: Ok this Rainbow Brite/Strawberry Shortcake question should be changed to My Little Pony vs Barbie for the girls I think!!! And girls, download the album Martika’s Kitchen now and the single "Toy Soldiers" please! You’ve been given homework!
Sarah_5 Sarah: I don’t get the first question either Jen…but I love the food version of strawberry cheesecake!  I’m a huge fan of Girls Aloud it has to be said, think they’re fab and loving their sexy new look! LOVE Cyndi Lauper…"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" really gets my ass shakin!  Janet is a pure diva Lex, I agree… gotta love her! I’m with Kel on Martika …but will complete my homework for Lyns or else she may get that whip on me!!
Lynsey_7 Lynsey: Ha ha! I may do that anyway! “Oooh matron!”