In case you haven't heard, Sam Sparro is coming back strong this year with his new sound and new look in way of his sophomore album release "Return To Paradise".  His new single "Happiness" is almost ready to launch and he's put out a teaser track called "The Shallow End" to remind everyone that his special blend of funk, pop and electronic soul are here to stay.  His new "gansta noir" look is rather mighty fly too and we couldn't be any more excited to immerse ourselves in Sam's new world of music and fashion.

We caught up with Sam Sparro a few weeks ago to talk about "Return To Paradise", his thoughts on the controversial PIPA and SOPA acts, working with Adam Lambert and the legendary Nile Rodgers and how 2012 is an important year to let go and take risks.

Enjoy!  Make sure to check out Sam Sparro's website to get a behind-the-scenes look at the "Happiness" music video!  UPDATE:  "Happiness" just went on sale on Aussie iTunes and you can preview the track here!