Steps CD artwork

Yes it’s true!  Steps are coming back with a new collection of greatest hits (just in time for Christmas) called “The Ultimate Collection” which is being unleashed on the world of pop on October 10th

EQ got a chance to catch up with Lisa Scott-Lee and Lee Latchford-Evans of Steps last week to talk about how they are feeling right now about reuniting as a band and what it’s like to air all their thoughts, viewpoints and drama on the air as part of the new ITV show “Steps Reunion” – which is actually quite good!

Meeting Steps was a lot of fun!  Both Lisa and Lee are super lovely and we really enjoyed getting to chat to them all about the reunion and TV show.  Let’s just hope they come back long enough for one fun-filled glitter fest of a tour so that we can get our disco pop on at least one more time.  If we don’t, that will most certainly be a “TRAGEDY”.