by Raj Rudolph

We've been following Eric Solomon for quite some time here at EQ and it was a real treat to get to sit down with him over coffee during his recent trip to the UK where he played some intimate gigs for the first time on our shores. In this EQ interview with the Canadian pop soulster, we discuss the Canadian transplant's life in Los Angeles, his notable track "All", new single "Lottery" and why he's really just wants to be a real boy as explained in his track "Pinocchio". "Lottery" is out now worldwide on iTunes and you can get a first view of the music video right here, right now on EQ.

Hello Eric, how does it feel to be in the UK?
The UK has been such an iconic city for me. I remember when I was growing up, my brother
(who was a DJ) always used to play UK acts. We dreamed about coming here for a long time
to go club to club and see some old soul musicians like Brand New Heavies. On top of
that, the fashion here is doesn't compare. New York City and Montreal and London are top
fashion cities for me. I feel like I've been here before. As unfamiliar as some place can
be, when it comes to the lifestyle, I feel like I fit in so perfectly. I love the
hairstyles, the attitude – I feel like I'm in Purple Rain 2.

Lottery - Single - Eric Solomon

You recently did a gig with Bright Light Bright Light here…
Bright Light Bright Light is awesome. He's such a kind and dedicated person to his music
and I respect him for that. Obviously he has a great fan base and it was very generous of
him to include me on stage with him. You know, we are fed so much stuff in music these
days and to feel something real on stage is the make it or break it moment for us

We've been following Eric Solomon for a few years now. For those of our readers though
that may be discovering you for the first time in this interview, where should they

That's a tough question. As an artist, I really get bored the minute a song gives birth
because I'm so enamoured during the creation process. The game of music is very
interesting. Radio has a certain bracket that you need to fit in with and that right now
is "very pop". Where I come from, it's very musical with funk roots, Prince-influenced,
Sly and The Family Stone. When I go to my grave, I want people to know that I'm a real
musician. Any music of mine that showcases that musicality is where I want them to start.

My favourite Eric Solomon track is "All"
The soul clap! I remember listening to LMFAO at the time and there was a song about them
that really inspired the groove. I went to the studio and laid down the bass kick and
keyboards. Me and my friend came up with the chorus and before that, I was writing songs
that were really depressing. Singing about happiness is kind of boring though – it's much
easier to write about the struggles. But, I really challenged myself to sing about
something positive.

On the obscure side, one of my favorite tracks of yours is Pinocchio.
So glad to hear that! It's one of my favorites too. I've always related to  Pinocchio. When
I travel, if I run across a Pinocchio marionette – I just buy it. I've actually wondered
why – after this song came out, I wondered why. I guess I just like the story. You want
to become real, you want to become authentic in a world that tries to mold you and raise
you into something different. That rings so true at the core of me that the idea of Pinocchio wants to be accepted for who he is. That's what the song is really about.


You're new single "Lottery" is very pop and lots of fun…tell us about the music video.
It's the idea that lets live it up like we own the world. Let's seize this moment today
and live like we have it all – that's ultimately the message. Even if you don't have
much, it's all about living it up in one day.

It's interesting that you are a Canadian living in LA now. LA is becoming the new "haven" for pop musicians and it wasn't like that just two years ago. Why are so many pop
musicians moving to LA now?

It's shocks me! I was going to move to New York and friends of mine in the industry kept
telling me, no one is in New York anymore, everyone is in LA. I was like "why". New York
got more expensive, the music industry started making less money and everyone up and
moved to LA. LA is cool though, you can go to Starbucks and run into Will.I.Am.