So you should know that September is blowing up at the moment!  She’s blonde, she’s Swedish and she knows a thing or two about quality dance music.  Her new single "Cry For You" is tearing up the UK airwaves as we speak.  This starlet-in-the-making has already had a taste for US success too, and a penchant for good ol American hamburgers!  EQ was able to tear her away briefly from all the madness and got her to answer a few of our silly questions.  Enjoy our little chat and make sure you download "Cry For You" now (physical drops on 14 April) and if you haven’t heard some of September’s other stellar tunes, make sure you check her out on MySpace.  We’re quite diggin "Flowers On The Grave"…

Well hello September and welcome to EQ!  So you must be pretty excited that "Cry For You" is getting quite a good response from the UK market.
Yes!  I have been waiting for this a long time now so I’m very happy!  It has always been a dream and a goal of mine to break in the UK market!

So what are your thoughts on the current Scandinavian pop invasion that’s happening in the UK now?  Robyn, Basshunter, Alphabeat are all taking over the UK charts.  And now you…
I’m proud!  There is a lot of music going on in Sweden and for it being such a small country, I think we’re doing very well right now!

As a Swedish female artist, was it empowering for you to see Robyn have such great success?
Yes!  She has opened doors for a lot of other Swedish artists too.  She is great!

"Cry For You" has had quite a long history hasn’t it?  When did you first record the track?  Did you know right away that it would be the launch single in the UK?
It´s been about two years right now since that song was recorded.  I felt this song was going to turn out to be something special.  "Cry For You" has always been ONE of my absolute favourite songs, but it´s not the only favourite I have…

So tell us about some of those songs.  We quite like "In Orbit" and "Dancing Shoes".
"Because I Love You", "Until I Die" and "Candy Love" are my favourites!  Also "Freaking Out" and "Flowers On The Grave".

Any plans for an album release in the UK or US?
We have a lot of plans – but we are taking it one step at the time.  It´s gonna be fun!  I promise!

You’ve already had some success in the US haven’t you?
Yes.  "Satellites" was the first "success" in the US and "Cry For You" was even bigger.  It was number one for three weeks!  I still cant believe it!  I really enjoyed performing over there.  Great audiences and tasty hamburgers!

We have an EQ reader question for you from Danny in Ohio – he asks, "Have you always wanted to create dance music?  Or do you see it as a stepping stone to more serious music?"
I always loved dance and disco music.  It captures all my interests and everything that goes with it.  My goal is to develop and see where it takes me, the future will tell.  You can find good and bad examples in every music style.

So what artists are you digging at the moment? 
Booty Luv’s "Some Kinda Rush" is a great tune and I just fell in love in Duffy´s new album.  Kylie is always present in my ipod!

Any plans for shows here in the UK?
I’m doing a lot of promotion right now.  First up are shows this weekend in Worcester and South Wales. 

So let’s talk about the video.  What was your inspiration behind the new video for "Cry For You"?  How different is it to the older version of the video?
It´s very simple.  It was a bigger budget for the new video which made it look better.  I love the idea and it suits the song perfectly.

That’s it September – thanks for hanging out with us.  Anything you’d like to tell EQ readers?
Tack så mycket!

Well you’re very much welcome September!  Let’s take a look at September’s video vault shall we…

Cry For You
Can’t Get Over
Flowers On The Grave
Looking For Love
Until I Die