Remember Matthew Duffy from “Electric Shock“, Little Bird and #1 Enemy fame?  I sure do.  Back in 2006 and 2007 he was pushing the envelope forward in terms of electro pop with a gay friendly twist.  I truly consider him one of the pioneers of indie electronica and it delights me to premiere his brand new track called “Homosapien” on EQ today from his new EP entitled “Spunk Pumpers Unite”.  Catchy isn’t it!  “Homosapien” is a cover of the iconic song from The Buzzcocks

We caught up with Matthew Duffy to talk about “Homosapien” and this is what he had to say about his new single…

“The song was originally brought to me by one of my producers. I had not heard the original version before. When I heard the song, I was deeply moved by the honesty and rawness of the lyrics. I think it’s such a brave song, particularly to have been recorded at that time. Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks who wrote the song seems to be fighting, demanding, exposing his need to be understood. “I don’t want to classify you like an animal in the zoo, but it seems good to me to know you’re homosapien too”. For me in 2011, enough is enough. Let’s not wait for something to happen. Let’s make it happen. Rise up. Emancipate yourself. No compromise. “homosapien too, homosapien like you.”

And there you go.  Need more Matthew Duffy?  Thought you would.  Check out the exclusive photo collage by Mikiodo after the jump along with a new cover of Morissey song “Angel, Angel Down We Go Together”.

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Matthew duffy6 by mikiodo

“Angel, Angel Down We Go Together” by Matthew Duffy by electroqueer