For many aspiring pop stars, having to live with photo sensitive epilepsy could pose quite a challenge.  But for KCAT, she proves that you can kick epilepsy to the curve with her next single "Epileptic" which will be out very soon.

KCAT was told by her doctors at a young age that she could never be a pop star or even drive a car as the flashing lights could trigger an epileptic seizure at any time, but KCAT decided "sod that" and went to pursue her dreams anyways.  Although she hasn't had a seizure in years, she recently decided to brave the waters and attend a Brits after-party, hosted by Lindsay Lohan and needless to say, there was quite a bit of paparazzi there taking pictures throughout the night.  She's even performed at the O2 which was an even bigger challenge – and with all this, she's learned to control her condition and her story is very inspiring.

I think KCAT is a shining example of how anyone can overcome personal obstacles and to have the ability to make art out of it, is even greater.  Listen to an EQ exclusive snippet of her next single "Epileptic" which follows up "Boys Don't Cry" and I think you'll agree, she is one to watch out for…