How sexy are the boys from Garçon Garçon?  Ever since our mate superstar DJ Terry Vietherr brought them onto our radar way back in January, we've been keeping a very close eye on them.  The boys have offered EQ readers an exclusive Byron St. John Dream Remix of their debut single "Stay In Touch" which you can download on right now.

The boys are working on their first EP which will be out in July which also includes a collaboration with NYC rapper Cazwell and their music video for "Stay in Touch" will be  released around the same time.

Tre excitement indeed.  What I love about Garçon Garçon is that their music is almost timeless.  Their music fits in very well with your your old school alternative/pop records like New Order along with your newer alternative pop stompers like Bright Light Bright Light.  EQ a mega fan?  Yeah pretty much so.