Blake Lewis

Yesterday I was LUCKY enough to preview the new Blake Lewis album "Heartbreak On Vinyl" and all I can say is "WOW".  This album is nothing short of phenominal – perhaps one of THE best pop albums released this year.

What I like about "Heartbreak On Vinyl" is that it is 100% Blake Lewis – it reflects his diverse musical taste, love of electronic and dance music and it's the album he wanted to make – and it definitely shows.  If you thought "Audio Day Dream" was good, you just wait..this album will blow your socks off.  My favourite songs you ask…"Heartbreak On Vinyl"  the title track is just utterly amazing – I think his best song to date.  "Binary Love" – an electronic pop dream.  "Freak" and "Our Rapture Of Love" – stunning. 

Tommy Boy Records have given EQ five copies of "Heartbreak On Vinyl" along with some cool t-shirts to give away exclusively to EQ Facebook members, so if you love Blake Lewis and want this album as soon as it's out on October 6th, make sure you're a member to enter the giveaway. 

To enter, just send moi (Raj Rudolph) a Facebook message from inside the group with the subject line "Heartbreak On Vinyl" and a small blurb about why you want the album and we'll pick the best entries for the giveaway.  Good luck EQs!

We'll also be chatting to Blake on Monday, so if you have any good questions you want to put in front of him, send us a tweet to @electroqueer and we'll pick some of the best questions for the interview.