This is no pop puppet coming at us, its Sweden’s brightest emerging teen star Zara Larsson and what you are shortly to become aware of, is that she punches above her tender years and gives more than a cut of average teenage flair.


At just turned 15, Zara is very much already a pro class performer, and that’s before she’s even released her introductory EP. This is because to the Swedes Zara is already a household name, at the tiny age of 10 she took on and won over the judges of Sweden’s Got Talent to become the outright winner.

As a 10 year old her vocals were undoubtedly immense and now as she has matured a little, all traces of any childlike tone have evaporated and are beginning to morph into a fiercesome pop diva waiting in the wings to shake Europe’s booty and beyond with her impressive towering vocals.

Have no reservations, Zara Larsson now gives as good as Rihanna and it’s all out for show on this sneak peek of  track “Uncover” from her forthcoming Introductory EP.