Zack Knight

By Mandy Rogers

He’s toned, honed and cloned!  From what we have just listened too, we might well be expecting Zack Knight to be impacting our airwaves, TV channels and Record Store shelves (if you can find one in your High Street that is!) like a whirlwind.

In a previous music life he was known as Zee Kay, but now as he turns full time singer / producer he’s strutting out as Zack Knight.

So from the snap shot above you’ve got the measure of the toned and honed descriptive entrance, but of the third – cloned? We do Zack no discredit going in there and boldly throwing out his electrifying debut dance ready single “All Over Again” to the much likeness of our favourite urban pop idol Taio Cruz.

The single bounces with the near similar effervescent energy and melody hook of Taio’sBreak Your Heart” coupled with the video also crammed with Cruz styled mannerisms – no surprise there really as it was shot by Nick Barlett who has indeed worked on Taio videos, prior. 

Check off – The leather jacket

                   The Cruz eyewear

                   The Fast Car

                   The girl with pins as long as a statue

                   The Club Scene

That pretty much inducts Zack Knight into the Taio Cruz wannabee Hall Of Fame!  Jokes aside, we like this a lot. Infact, we’re off to buy it NOW!  As we think this debut shows Zack Knight has the potential to grow from these Taio Cruz beginnings into a star in his own right with a sound completely his own.

We look forward to the onward journey to see what Zack might offer us next.

All Over Again - Single - Zack Knight