By Mandy Rogers  /  Photo: www.maxknightphoto.com

There appears to be an increase of trend over the last few weeks of hauntingly charismatic Songstresses stealing the light. To be honest I’m having an absolute ball in getting familiar with the music of them all at the moment.

New name to add to the movement is definitely that of WALL. A minimalistic pop maker from London, WALL chooses to her allow her exquisitely emotive vocals to remain uncluttered by over polished production techniques in favour of the sensitively creative use of electronic ambience by stripping it back to almost percussive layered levels.

Debut single “Magazine” / “Over My Head” fully showcases a talent as intriguing as that of Sweden’s Lykke Li when she was first brought to our attention.

Understated pop, propelled by the dreamiest of ambience. Striking and stunning with the capability to quite take the breath away by its intriguing inner beauty.

Try out the gently sublime track “No Secrets” for FREE – available on the set below.

Join WALL for her debut live show at “Seabright Arms” – London – August 15th