It’s Tyson Everybody!  The mighty funked up tunes of Tyson have been wafting themselves around the web and generally creating a feverish flurry of blogging activity over the past year.  Yes this guy has something, and thus far he has leaked out a slew of pumping disco delights in “Fight”, “Out Of My Mind” and “Die On The Dancefloor”,  that have all found themselves being played out on my playlist yet somehow have escaped being awarded with an EQ mention.

Well since Tyson, has dropped the masked image he was shrouding himself with and come out as it were, and stepped up the promo to give us some higher grade video action, we decided that we should share out with you his newest stomper  “After You’re Gone”.  We think the combination of pulsating disco beats, impassioned vocals and overall sexiness oozing from the touchy feely video should be enough to spark alight some heated enthusiasm for Tyson amongst you also.

However, if my words are not enough to convice you, if I throw at you the words "tit-tape, snakes and whips" perhaps you’d care to give it some viewing love anyway.

Download Tyson – "After You’re Gone" here at iTunes.

After You're Gone - Single - Tyson