What do you get if you cross The Dolly Rockers with All Saints?  You get The Scarletz.

This new British girl group is not your everyday run-of-the-mill troupe of wannabe bitches.  Their offbeat, quirky and have a great sense of style and sass which is reflected just perfectly in their music.  The Scarletz first single "Messed Up" will be coming out in March and you can watch the video below.  My favorite tracks of theirs are "Lazy Bones" and "Talk About Me" and you just HAVE TO LISTEN over on their official website

It's hard saying if The Scarletz will take the pop world by storm, but it seems that we definitely do need a new girl group like All Saints around.  The whole let's get trashy, drunk and "were a bunch of shallow bitches" approach to female pop music is getting quite boring these days…and that's precisely why I'm supporting The Scarletz.